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Wedding Planner Brand Design

Introducing the newest wedding planner brand design to hit the Dallas, Ft. Worth metroplex, Lila Grae Events, a brand whose mission is to walk alongside their clients to create an environment in which their loved ones can come together, celebrate each other, and walk away from their event feeling more closely bonded.

Sharon, owner of Lila Grae Events, was in search of the perfect design representation for the brand identity and personality that she was creating. Lila Grae is a blend of names of the women in her family whose lives have been about hospitality. It pays homage to the grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who make it a family calling to make others feel welcome. Their homes are always open; hosting dinners, game nights and social occasions. These are the women who visit those in need of company and always have a special dish to bring. They are active in church groups, schools organizations, community associations, social clubs, and charity work.

The soft color palette, inviting font selection, and approachable design all come together to create a timeless brand identity.



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