Whimsy North Texas Wedding Planner gets a Shiny New Brand and Website

Small town , flower loving – southern girl, Lisa works out of a studio located on a north Texas ranch, which keeps her ideas fresh and the ability to take inspiration from all that nature provides in the country. She is known for her whimsical creations from floral umbrellas to dresses and more. We took her clever designs into consideration when creating her sweet-natured logo design, with modern clean fonts and an umbrella accent!

doodle dog wedding, event branding, florists bouquets

Next up, the business cards! You’ll notice the same romantic feel with the light touches of floral accents and clean fonts to help extend the brand through every item.

doodle dog design, event planning portfolio, wordpress website

Lastly, the website! A perfect combination of sweet floral touches and a clear and easy to locate navigation path for visitors. The site shows off Lisa’s creative designs and will be a wonderful platform for Coco Fleur’s North Texas southern style blog!


one of three gallery pages, that can either be clicked thru or played automatically…

pink_whimsy_website, wedding planner site, florist site

the contact page…

wedding website, whimsy, whimsical

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Lisa and team on their new brand and site. If you would like to hear more about her and her lovely business, just keep reading…

How long have you been in business?

15 years

What is it exactly that you do?

Event Design which includes all aspects of party planning with our main focus being flowers. With our breeding horse operation being in North Texas and with the demand for an upscale look in our area it just seemed fit to venture out on my own while still maintaining the ability work as a free lance designer for many DFW event companies.

What makes you (and your business unique)

I think that my business is unique because of the love and passion that I have for flowers. It is my baby…. I am so blessed to be able to bring such joy and happiness to so many through flowers. I was told a long time ago by a very dear friend to “Find something you LOVE and LIVE for it”. BEST ADVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! We try our best to be fun, flexible and accommodating…..defiantly not stuffy! We make friends with our clients and feel we are a part of their family by the time their event rolls around.

Why did you choose Doodle Dog to work with you on your branding and interactive project?

I loved Doodle Dog! I loved all of their work and loved that it was fun and that was exactly the look I was going for!


Tell us a little about yourself:

I have been married for 15 years to my soul mate, Don, and have two wonderful boys, Corey & Dustin, who enjoy team roping and cutting. I have a wonderful family that is very involved and supportive in both our business’. God has blessed us beyond words. We have sooo many pets, horses and donkeys to mention a few and our dogs, Bella and peanut.

Where do you shop:

Most frequently “American Agro Products for my flowers, The Gypsy Wagon and Sunny Paige”

What’s your style:

Comfortable!!!! (cotton T, cuffed denim jeans, espadrilles and lots of turquoise necklaces)

Where do you find inspiration:

Our place (Whitesboro, TX). Outside under the blue sky or stars….. in a garden….by a stream…..in a pasture full of horses!

What does a typical day in the life of you look like:

I usually wake up at 6 and head out to the wholesaler (early bird gets the worm)…..breakfast is usually nadda unless I splurge for a “honey butter chicken biscuit” (OMG! I can’t believe I am telling this (LOVE them), I usually make my phone calls during the hour and a half of driving, I like to keep the radio off in the morning so that I can think and reflect on things, then its off to other suppliers, back home to process the flowers and prep for the weeks parties, return emails, dinner with my husband. Before bed we may watch a little TV (usually FOX news) while surfing the web on my IPAD, bubble bath and off to bed around 12:30.


How can we contact you:




If you are interested in working with us on your branding or web presence, click here for more information.

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