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Doodle Dog Creative + Light and Muse Interior Design work together to create an interior design ecommerce website that is truly reflective of the creative behind the brand.

Years ago, we had the opportunity to work with @catherinemasi on her original brand launch, now we were so honored to be the brand and web design agency she chose to launch her next endeavor, Light and Muse. This interior designer service business and online e-commerce shop – was a true reflection of Catherine, and we were thrilled to be a part of it!interior-design-ecommerce-website-design, interior designer logo design, interior designer branding

Light and Muse is a California-based company for inspiring and elevating a creative and harmonious life.

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Meet Catherine… I’m Catherine Masi, New England raised, next-leveling life in Santa Barbara, California. Former kindergarten art teacher, accessory & content designer; present day interior stylist. I love my work and am the human behind Light and Muse.

I’ve developed a design framework for your home, studio, children’s room, or office so you can transform your life within and beyond those walls. And I take you step-by-step so you can spin what you already have and next-level your space.

Most importantly, while working on this brand design, we wanted to ensure that Catherine’s personality was evident. If you speak to her you automatically feel a sense of happiness and a sort of calming zen. We wanted to take the attributes that her clients know and love about her and create her brand around it. What she creates is art. It’s unexpected, and it’s original to her and to her clients, and her brand was created to look and feel the same way. From the logo design to the service portion of her design, and the interior design ecommerce website, it’s consistently welcoming and approachable. interior-design-ecommerce-website-design

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