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Introducing Curated College, a navy blue and kelly green Preppy Brand Design + Preppy Website Design for prospective college students who need a little guidance down the right path.

The world of college admissions has changed drastically in the past year and what worked in the past is no longer relevant. For me, the application process is far more than identifying a strategy or checking off items on a list to complete in order to submit. The College Application Process is about going inward and discovering your strengths, gifts, and talents in order to identify how you intend on putting them into action in order to live a fulfilling, meaningful life. The process is unique to you and focused on designing your next chapter with a purpose to link your dreams and goals with a detailed plan that will successfully facilitate that journey.

preppy brand design preppy brand design preppy brand design

preppy brand design preppy brand design preppy brand design

Get to know the founder…

As a high school counselor and parent of three boys, I learned the hard way about college admissions. I made the early mistake of gently pushing my oldest son in the direction of a safe college major that was close to home without actually investing time to help him discover his own path. It led him to changing colleges, changing majors, and wasting both time and money. I quickly learned that was NOT the most beneficial way to guide young people toward their best life after graduation. With my second son, I altered my course and tactics. I dove head first into learning the “best practices” in college admissions. I attended college admissions sessions, campus visits, college admissions trainings, and read the latest and greatest teachings from successful stories. This time, it went much better and I found out that I loved helping students uncover their unique gifts and talents, guide them through the application process, and ultimately see them succeed not only in their admissions process with acceptance letters, but more importantly, in life! I began working with students from other surrounding school districts in the summer and developed a 5 Step Process that was simple to follow but highly effective in crafting a well thought out college application all based on the uniqueness of the individual student. I wrote a book about the 5 Step Process and published it in 2019. My last two sons included college sports and recruiting to the application process which brought with it another level of organizing, researching, planning, and strategy. Each one was accepted to their first choice college and have been successful throughout the process.



I have been a devoted educator for 25 years in public education. I began my journey as a High School Spanish Teacher at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas and then left education to obtain a Masters Degree in Counseling. I returned to education and the classroom for two additional years teaching Bilingual Kindergarten students in elementary school. For the next four years after leaving the classroom, I served as an elementary guidance counselor which gave me the experience of truly understanding the development of the young child and how it lays a foundation academically, as well as, in all other factors in their life. In 2002, I was promoted to Director of Special Programs which included overseeing the K-12 Guidance and Counseling Program for the Kerrville Independent School District. After 5 years I was able to return to the high school campus as the Lead Counselor and in my 14 years I have received recognition as a “Very Important Counselor” in 2013 from Texas A&M University, served on the Texas A&M VIC Advisory Council, currently serve on the TACAC AP Committee, and have presented at professional conferences regarding college admissions. It is my life passion to guide thousands of students not just successfully through the college application process in order to get admitted to their top choice school, although that is one of my main goals, but mainly to ensure that the students I work with have a crystal clear understanding of their unique gifts, strengths, and talents in order to begin on a path toward sharing them with the world to live their most fulfilling, meaningful lives.

preppy brand design

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