Nanny Agency Brand Design – Sugarplum Nannies

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to trust other people with your children. Sugarplum Nannies came to us with the marketing challenge of creating a brand and online experience that helped parents feel confident in their choice to trust Sugarplum. Beyond instilling confidence and trust in the customer, they wanted visitors to understand that the faces behind the brand were just like them. This company was started by a mom in need of the same service all of her customers were in. Head over to the blog to see the full launch! I think it’s fair to say, this one gets the mom stamp of approval.

After our creative kick-off, we started by creating the brand design and brand board. Our goal is always to make sure to set the tone for the entire project at this step. Once the brand board is finalized we love to start creating the entire visual identity around that, from the website design to the marketing collateral, it all has to tie together to ensure the visitors (and potential clients) have a unique brand experience that creates recognition and instills the brand value and feeling that we need it to. Take a look and let us know what you think.

In addition to the visual brand, the brand voice, messaging and position is key to connecting with your audience. Because this business has a mom behind it, we wanted to be sure the voice was relatable and approachable. Using fun quotes or memes throughout social media on the professional design helps do just that.

Probably my favorite part of this beauty… This custom illustration was created to produce a feeling of exclusivity and trust.

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