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Mark Cuban Company Brand Designer

Mark Cuban Company Brand Design

When the creative leaders behind the FavorMe brand came to us with an existing logo, they were in search of a brand agency who could help them unify all of the marketing touchpoints to feel like a cohesive brand. Taking the design beyond the logo, creating brand guidelines, collateral design and initial site mockups helped tie this Mark Cuban Company brand design together.

Mark Cuban Company Brand Designer

Mark Cuban Company Brand Designer

One of the biggest challenges in creating a digital brand is creating a strong enough visual identity to convey the brand personality within a mere matter of seconds. Consistency in typography and color strategy are always two avenues that we focus heavily on to help us do so.

Mark Cuban Company Brand Designer

FavorMe is the blockchain app that makes it fun and easy to recognize others and offer a helping hand. The app allows you to create your own personal chips to share, trade and collect with anyone you know.  FavorMe helps you recognize those that make a difference in your life and easily do favors for them. The universal FavorMe chip has so many uses.

For example in a parent and child scenario:

How do you thank your superstars and let others know about it? Or maybe you want to ignite your team’s competitive spirit? And when you do reward them, does it provide them benefits outside the office?

You may have a corporate recognition program, but those rarely match what’s happening in the trenches. Instead of taking that expensive, challenging route, put your own program together in a few minutes! Just create a chip, place a value on it (e.g., a day off, dinner out, a cash prize, etc.) and start recognizing your most valuable resources immediately!

Stop by the FavorMe website to learn more about additional uses and details. Interested in discussing your brand design, website design or app design project, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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