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Dallas Creative Logo Design

We are excited to showcase this new work for Dallas based agency, Proxxy. Logo design and identity design for Proxxy, a business service that lets leaders lead. Working with executives who are doing well in their role but feel stretched, executives who would be unstoppable if they had another hour in their day, Proxxy provides a remote Chief of Staff who is professionally trained to help you lead more effectively and efficiently.⁠Dallas Creative Logo Design

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Proxxy lets leaders lead.
You are an executive in a fast-paced environment, doing well in your role, but you have another gear. You feel stretched between clients, employees, family, prospects, friends. You have great staff, but you want to help them find another gear, too. If you had another hour every day, you would be unstoppable.

Dallas Creative Logo Design Dallas Creative Logo DesignEvery design element intentionally designed, from the structure strong typography, to the colors each representing a brand personality trait; leadership, sophistication, security, stability, positivity and trust. So often colors are selected based on personal likes and dislikes without regard to the subliminal undertone that they provoke with your audience. With every brand we not only consider the overall color combination and how it makes a visitor feel, but also the individual elements and how they should be displayed to help facilitate a connection with the target audience.
Dallas Creative Logo Design

Dallas Creative Logo Design

It’s all about the negative space. The concept for this logo, was to use creative negative space to not only create a memorable design, but also to visually showcase the concept behind the brand, that Proxxy adds value behind your existing executive team. We love any opportunity to create a clever design like this that is classic enough to withstand trends in the marketplace.

Dallas Creative Logo Design

“Working with Doodle Dog was fantastic! You really got to the core of who we are and created a logo that perfectly personifies it. Thanks again!” – Bryon Morrison, CEO Proxxy

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