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Starting A Wedding Venue with Venly Design

Venly Design Studio specializes in sleek, customized wedding venue design. They are a boutique design+build firm with years of collective wedding industry and custom builder experience. ¬†They offer a very tailored process to their clients and give full attention to each of their projects. Their process involves everything from financial planning at the start to finally adding furniture and fixtures at the very end. They make each of their decisions with careful planning in order to develop the most beautiful, custom designs. In addition, they offer mentoring and marketing guidance, including partnering with Doodle Dog to help clients launch their custom brands and website to introduce their new ventures to the market. Operating a venue is a big job. Fortunately, Venly carefully provides the best advice to help their clients’ venues run as smoothly as possible.

To align with their excellent service, Venly was looking for a high calliber website that better reflected the amount of attention to detail that they put into each project. We created an easy to navigate design, that led clients through the details, process, portfolio and lastly conversion point, to a lead.

Their extensive process and sleek designs deserved a style that matched that same quality. Ultimately, we feel that the updated website we’ve developed for Venly reflects the modern and custom feel of their business.

Starting A Wedding Venue? We’d love to help you bring it to life by creating a custom brand and wedding venue website design that is reflective of your space, and helps inspire couples to contact you for a tour! Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss what you’re looking for.

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