National Dance Academy – Dance Studio Website Design

Dance Studio Website Design

Doodle Dog’s latest project is a dance studio website design for National Dance Academy! Creating this dance studio web design was a unique experience that we thoroughly enjoyed. National Dance Academy is an Iowa based dance studio with three different locations throughout the state. This studio trains great dancers, and they wanted a website that was easy to navigate to widen their client base.

Instead of having each of their studios on different websites and confusing people, National Dance Academy wanted to host them all on one site. Using a custom WordPress design, we were able to create a large website to showcase each of their three locations, and their own information, schedules, and prices. Even with the website being as large as it has to be, it is still easy to navigate and to reach all of the necessary information. By creating a simple, yet effective layout for the site, this is possible.

For the colors and style of the site, we went with a bold palette, true red, black, and white. Dancing is a sport of strength, and National Dance Academy wanted that showcased. They also wanted to keep the site light and feminine. We brought femininity back in by using  more feminine imagery of dance and bringing in a script font throughout the site. The site’s two styles ends up balancing out incredibly well to create a modern, yet beautiful new site for National Dance Academy. Take a look below to see some of the work from the website!

Do you like what you see? Feel free to go check out the rest of our work for National Dance Academy here!

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