Food Blogger Brand Design Launch – In Good Clean Taste

Food Blogger Brand Design

Creating a food blogger brand design is one of the biggest challenges, you essentially have one space / touchpoint to brand that has to speak volumes. Unlike a retail front, you don’t have signage, print collateral, or even any communication in person in most cases. More often than not, visitors are coming into the through social or Pinterest searches and hoping to find an answer, a recipe or inspiration for what they are working off of, and in that few seconds that they are searching your site – you have to connect. As with every digital brand opportunity, we do our best to create graphics that will stand out amongst other websites, evoke feeling, and create a lasting memory to encourage repeat traffic. The In Good Clean Taste brand design below, was no exception. Take a look at the custom logo design and brand identity created.

food blogger brand design food blogger brand design food blogger brand design

We loved creating this logo design. It brought the challenge of keeping it very clean while making it still have a fun and casual feel. The logo needed to represent the brand well, and we fully believe that we created the design to do so.
food blogger brand design

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