Brand Design Videographer Launch – Up A Creek

Brand Design Videographer Launch

Introducing the new brand design for videographer Up A Creek Films, a husband and wife duo, who’ve traveled the world telling stories through video, but who started up a creek in Montana.
brand design videographer

When creating the brand we knew we wanted to use a palette of greens and blues, that still had the same vibrant feeling as the previous rendition of the brand – but that felt inline with the natural elements that inspired the name.

Using narrative driven storytelling and effectively combining visuals and sound, the Up A Creek team meticulously crafts visually rich, engaging brand films for individuals, businesses and non-profits.

The simple reversed graphic creates a memorable mark that works well on its own and as a pattern large and small.

brand design videographer

Creating a custom WordPress site that embodied the new brand elements, while also creating a clean portfolio space for the videography was of upmost importance. We started by recognizing the key benefits of the business, from the experience and worldliness to the creativity and hear that is behind each brand. If you would like to check out the custom site, you can here! If you are interested in one of our custom WordPress designs, check out our web design process.

brand design videographer

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