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Interior Designer Brand

We are excited to announce our latest launch for Louisiana Interior Designer Brand, Bolgiano Interiors!

Founder of Bolgiano, Jodi, resides in Lafayette, LA, and has built a successful Interior Design & Decorating business that spans from New Orleans to Texas. With her business growing, Jodi thought it was time to strengthen her brand identity. With Jodi’s roots in the building and business community we wanted to incorporate an architectural element through the icon.

Jodi offers design consultation, materials & colors selections, drapery, furniture, rugs, artwork, and accessories. It only made sense to incorporate some of these elements in to the brand with rich textures, pattern, and gold accents to create a unique, elegant brand.

Interior Designer Brand

We wanted the logo to reflect a sense of elegancy and sophistications that mirrors Jodi’s style and tastes. The main serif font that spells out “Bolgiano” helps to give an immediate classy staple and gives a feeling of high class. The lines used in the Bolgiano icon and throughout the logo reveals an anarchitectural influence and leaves a structured and lasting influence

Louisiana Interior Designer brand Louisiana Interior Design Logo

We used textures and colors to reflect those used in Jodi’s work. The soft earthy brown and grey tones mixed with whites and golds gives a high class elegant feel. The use of rich granite and wood enhances Bolgiano’s new brand and leaves you with a lasting impression.

Louisiana Interior Design Brand Launch

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