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Professional blogger Christie, and the original MountainSide Bride, brings all the lovely details of planning a wedding to the natural beauty of the mountains. We were so honored to be selected as the team to get to work with such an influential blog and brand, and really help create a cohesive, updated look that captured Christie’s dedication to her sophisticated blog content. We designed new digital collateral elements, which will really help MountainSide showcase the beauty of their brand! Take a peek at the new media kit, badges, and a wedding vendor template that we’ve been hard at work on:


Media Kit sneak peek (photography credit to Laura Murray):


Wedding Vendor Guide template (photography credit to Laura Murray):

Mountainside Wedding Planning Guide2 Mountainside Wedding Planning Guide5 Mountainside Wedding Planning Guide22

We absolutely loved working with Christie – so we asked her to tell us a bit more about herself and MountainSide, so we could share it with you! Here goes…


How long have you been in business? Five years in March of 2015 ​

What do you do?  I’m a wedding blogger specializing in mountain weddings. I mostly publish real weddings,  inspiration and planning tips. You’ll also find some crafty goodness and cocktails on the blog. We’ve also recently kicked off a new project called, the smart marketing website for savvy wedding professionals. Take a look at the Fast Start Guide to Market Research (including how to spy on your competition) for free.

Why did you start your business? I​ grew up in the mountains. I was a mountain bride myself. When I was planning my 2009 wedding I couldn’t find any mountain wedding inspiration or solid advice for planning a mountain wedding. So I started a blog dedicated to mountain weddings. (It was originally called Hindsight Bride, but I changed the name to better reflect my mountain focus.​)

What is unique about your business? Brides can find wedding planning advice from real mountain brides and top-quality mountain vendors. Mountains are so different. The weather can be harsh; high altitude environments can adversely affect wedding guests; it’s sometimes difficult to find high-quality vendors in the mountains, and the rural nature of many mountain towns makes sourcing unique details difficult. By offering a resource that serves the unique needs of mountain brides, they get the best and most reliable information for planning their mountain weddings.

Why did you decide to work with Doodle Dog? A number of my blogging colleagues used DoodleDog and I LOVED their designs. I wanted a designer that knew the wedding industry as well as I do, and who can create modern, stylish websites and designs that reflect my leadership in my field. I also have a very strong brand. I didn’t want another designer changing the basic elements of my brand to reflect whatever was trending. I wanted to work with a firm that understands the importance of a strong brand and work within the parameters of my branded elements while offering a fresh take on them for different parts of my design.
8.  What’s your favorite part of your new look?

​I love that DoodleDog took my brand elements and incorporated them in fresh and pretty ​ways. I feel the collateral DoodleDog created reflects my level of professionalism and connect to my readers.

Tell us about your family: I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains with my husband. We’re pretty active and enjoy skiing, hiking, mountain biking, camping and frequent trips into Yosemite, our backyard National Park.

Do you have any pets? What are their names? We have an older Australian Shepard, rescue dog named, Bizbee​. He also loves hiking, backcountry skiing, camping and occasionally chasing the UPS truck. He has his own panniers and carries his own food and supplies in the backcountry.

Where do you like to shop? I buy nearly everything online, especially from Amazon Prime​​ or Sephora. I also rely on subscription boxes to try new things​, I’m currently subscribed to RocksBox (jewelry), StitchFix (clothes), Birchbox (makeup + skincare) and ​Paper Pumpkin (crafts).

Describe yourself and your style: My style is casual with an edge and always functional. I live in jeans and dress them up or down with tops, accessories and shoes. I also love strong shapes, bold colors and fun textures. However, my style is largely controlled by my environment. In the mountains, having functional clothing ​is key. I wear high boots all winter because we get an average of 30 feet of snow and winter typically lasts for 8 months. I always have a few sweaters on hand, even in the summer, when nightly temps can get into the 30s. Finally, I love using found and reclaimed local objects in my decorating and crafts because it gives my home a sense of place there aren’t many stores here.

Where do you find inspiration? I find lots of my inspiration from bloggers, especially designers (web, typography, and graphic design), crafters and makers, and food bloggers. And of course there are people in my own industry I adore, including Fab You Bliss, Glamour & Grace, Something Turquoise, Hey Wedding Lady, Burnetts Boards and Bride Link. I also love the Gawker channels and Pinterest.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?
Just that Nikki was so easy to work with. Her easy-going, laid-back style is perfect for my mountain girl vibe, and the designs were lovely. ​
Be sure to stop by and visit MountainSide Bride’s beautiful blog here!

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