Dallas based, Elaine Williamson Designs’ new collateral material

We were excited to create the marketing pieces for Dallas based interior designer, Elaine Williamson! When she found out that she would be presenting pieces of her brand at a local industry event we needed to come up with a few unique and interesting pieces to help her promote. As Elaine was just kicking off an interior fragrance line we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create fragrance cards to hand out to each visitor in the gift bags that they would be receiving, so we created small 4X6 cards that we scented with the fragrance and instructed people to “Sniff here for a luxury home aroma” if they liked the scent all they had to do was log on to the Elaine Williamson Facebook page and mention “I took a whiff of luxury” and they would receive 25% off of their first fragrance order. The cards were a hit!

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Next up, we needed to create a small marketing piece that showed off some of the brilliant design work, but that would stand out in the mass amount of flyers and postcards that the guests would be getting throughout the event, so we created small 5X5 square cards that folded over to be slightly shorter in the front than the back (so you could still see the contact information when the piece was opened or closed). This piece (like the above) was printed on a heavy duty 100 lb gloss cover stock to stand apart from the rest!

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Lastly, we completed the collateral material for the event with business cards for the 2 employees who would be promoting the brand at the event, as well as labels to go on small goody bags that would be displayed at the booth to help attract new visitors to the table. The material came out beautiful, unique and consistent!

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